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Existing System Extensions

When you have an ISO certificate but now need approval to a newer standard

At one time getting an ISO 9000 Certificate made you stand out from the crowd and satisfied most customers. But business has moved on, legislation and customer’s demands have changed and now multiple approvals are often necessary – but they can be expensive.

ISO standards overlap, so if you need to gain approval against a new standard you need to make sure that the design of the system takes advantage of that overlap, and that the new system doesn’t repeat those elements already covered in the original system. Certification bodies also need to be managed to make sure that the cost benefits of dual approvals are maximised.

We have managed and designed many Integrated and Dual Approval Systems, including managing the certification bodies to ensure you get the best overall deal. The companies below have benefitted from using us to bring their systems together, so why not contact us and see how we can help you, these companies did, and already have their multiple approvals in place.

Nobisco Ltd-

ISO 14001, Environmental Management

Nobisco, based in Birmingham, source and stock a large range of catering, packaging, hygiene, janitorial, safety and automotive consumable products. They have held ISO 9001 certification from BSi Ltd for some years but wished to extend their certification to include Environmental Certification to ISO 14001.

They asked us to work with them on the project, and we built and implemented a single integrated management system meeting both standards, gaining certification against ISO 14001 after only a few months.

Daray Ltd –

ISO 9001 and 13485, Quality and Medical Devices

Daray are a manufacturer and supplier of surgical lighting equipment with a well established brand name in this market. They approached us to assist them maintain their ISO 13485 Medical Devices and ISO 9001 Quality Management system approvals, and we have subsequently began work on developing an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for the company.

Daray are certified by SGS Ltd.