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Full Systems

When you need a full system creating from scratch

Reading an ISO Standard can be a daunting prospect. Staring at a blank piece of paper and trying to write how you do the things you do, and then how they meet the requirements of the ISO Standard concerned can be even worse.

We have years and years of experience of the construction of ISO compliant, concisely written documents matched to the type of business you are operating. We’ve worked in a wide variety of industries and have a long history of managing the certification of businesses while keeping the disturbance of certification on your day to day business to a minimum.

Writing well structured, compliant systems and helping you to gain certification is our business. Why not let us generate and manage your approval, like these companies did :-


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Quality and Environmental Management

One-LUX –

One-LUX designs, develops and manufactures a range of components for emergency lighting. One-LUX approached us to assist them in gaining ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification, and have subsequently approached us to assist them to gain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification. In both cases we have written the full documented systems, and assisted One-LUX to implement them.

One-LUX are certified by BSi Ltd.


ISO 17025, Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Amstel –
Amstel Testing Limited is a laboratory that specialises exclusively in the testing of cookware, ovenware/bakeware, kettles, flasks, ceramics, glassware, and other closely related products. UK sales outlets are growingly aware of the dangers of supplying sub-standard products, and although well established in their market Amstel Testing were asked to gain accreditation from UKAS for the testing activities.

We worked with them to develop a management system in compliance with ISO 17025, the Quality Management system standard for test and calibration suppliers, producing the Quality Management and supporting procedures, and assisting them to gain accreditation in mid 2011.


ISO 9001 and 27001, Quality and Information Security Management Systems


EIBS are the authors and owners of “Easysite” an easy-to-use, flexible Web Content Management System (WCMS) designed to enable non-technical users to create and manage feature rich websites with minimal training and no specialist knowledge. EIBS approached us to assist them to gain ISO 9001, and we have subsequently worked with them to gain ISO 27001 Information Security system certification.

EIBS are certified by LRQA Ltd.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Mark Sutton Non-Ferrous

Mark Sutton Non-Ferrous is a perfect example of a small business using the achievement of ISO9001 to access larger market opportunities. As producers of cast metal items, a classic small foundry, they approached customers who were highly impressed by their production values, pricing, and quality, but the absence of a quality standard effectively barred them from trading. “Let us know when you’ve got it, and we can do business”, they said.

Proprietor Mark Sutton was daunted by the possible challenges and cost of approval. Would this tie up his business and precious time in unnecessary and complicated paperwork, and pointless procedures?

Mark approached Colin Brown of ISO Consultants, whose earliest business experience was on the factory floor of a major Nottingham manufacturer. He understood how to apply ISO9001 in a small manufacturing business setting without cutting corners, yet not over-complicating matters in pursuit of an inflated fee. Understanding manufacturing meant that Colin could design a quality management system that was simple, straightforward, and relevant.

“Colin did it all” said Mark, even down to sitting in during the inspection. He now has two major opportunities, both customers asking him “how’s the ISO approval gone?”, and “let us know as soon as you’ve got it”. Certainly encouraging signs.

Mark confesses that he saw the spend required, although modest, as something of a risk, but his main barrier was ignorance of how simple the approval process was, and how both consultant and assessor were “on his side”, rather than out to get him.

So, Mark Sutton Non-Ferrous and a perfect example of how, although appearing daunting from the outside, gaining ISO9001 approval is relatively pain-free, and can open up new opportunities for a small business.