GDPR Assessment Consultation

Consultation Services for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

ISO Consultants offers you a straight forward assessment of your current readiness and we will then guide you through implementing all the necessary controls and policies required to get your company ready and compliant.


What comes in the Assessment Consultation ?

GDPR will become enforcable soon and it is an essential requirement for all companies operating within the EU or handling EU data (including EU citizen’s data). Any company holding, processing or in control of any quantities of this data will be subject to this regulation.

Our GDPR consultation is a face to face service designed around the quick and effective review of your companies current position; we then work with you identify and implement essential controls and policies to get you operating confidently again.

We encourage at least a first day face to face consultation so that we can accurately review your companies current position, but we also offer Remote consultation services for clients that require it, this can be carried out over Skype, Team Viewer or Zoom (a browser based program that does not require any installation).

GDPR Assessment Consultation

This package offers:


A full review of your company, with written gap analysis report.


Help with identifying and implementing essential controls and policies.


Closing Review and long term recommendations if required.

GDPR is a new regulation but as a company, we have over fifteen years of experience working within regulatory standards, data protection and information security.

Get Ready for GDPR with us, efficiently and with confidence.


Need Options?

If you have arrived at this page directly from a search engine and you would prefer another means of approaching the implementation of GDPR for your business, we offer either direct face to face consultation or as an alternative (reduced budget) remote web based consultation.

Face to Face Consultation

Working at your business premises along side you, we will guide you through the implementation of policies and controls that will ultimately make your company ready for inspection.

Remote Consultation 

This option is provided to assist business owners / project managers who feel capable of doing some of the heavy lifting and yet would prefer to retain the watchful eye of a trained consultant.
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