GDPR ISO27001. Fixed price compliance and ISO approval? We can’t quite believe it ourselves.

Deadlines, Deadlines.

We are aware that some companies see the impending GDPR deadline of 25th May as something of a threat. As we write this, less than 70 working days remain until 25th May 2018. Many are realising that time is running out. Meanwhile, resources, let alone expertise to achieve compliance isn’t available in-house.

Cheap, Cheerful, Non-Compliant?

There are lots of “cheap and quick” low-cost offers available. There are even some expensive and slow ones. However, to make it absolutely clear, we’re offering our normal high-quality services at a lowered price. This is not a solution which skims on detail, effectiveness and compliance.  Not “budget airline” consulting. A low-cost seat on a national airline with all the benefits, experience and stability of a long-established organisation.

We’ve Been Here Before

We’ve helped many companies gain ISO 27001 approval,  often to deadlines. We know that there can be considerable overlap between the work to achieve approval for ISO 27001, and for GDPR. Add to this our recent recruitment of an additional skilled consultant, and we have the resources and ability to deliver a fixed-price solution.

 What’s the next stage?

For full details of our offer please click here.

It is likely that this offer will be taken up quickly. We have limited capacity so if you are interested in an exceptional offer at an outstanding price, please get in touch! today.

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