Getting in on The Green Deal. PAS2030, and Six Points About Grasping a Big Opportunity

Jul 2, 2013 | general, ISO 9001

As I write, the press have seized on some kind of statistic to show that uptake of the government’s “Green Deal” is low. In fact, very low.

Now, even if this is the case, the whole “Green Deal” issue will not go away. Pushing this is the EU’s mandate on carbon reduction. The UK seem to be lagging behind other member states, and poor home insulation and general energy inefficiency appears to be the major issue. In short, it’s going to happen, one way or another, unless something seismic happens to our EU membership, Nigel Farage becomes P.M., and arranges flooding of The Channel Tunnel.

And, just in case you know the term, but don’t quite grasp the process, then here’s the summary. There are government funds available to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The government will pay. What’s in it for the recipient? Well, if you are currently spending £100 per month on electricity, and the improvements mean that this reduces to £60 per month, then £20 of that goes towards the cost of the work that made the reduction, and £20 is yours. Simple.

The scheme will be administered by “Green Deal Providers” who will, in turn, use “Green Deal Assessors” to, well, assess the potential savings and recommend physical changes, which will then be implemented by “Green Deal Installers”. So, could I set myself up as one tomorrow? Well, not quite. Here’s what you need to know:-

1/ You will need to be accredited to the standard PAS2030. This specifies the installation process, the management of that process, and the ongoing service provision. It makes sure that everything is done to a set quality.

2/ It’s not hard. Like all standards, efficient and ethical companies may already be close to compliance. However, the government needs to have proof of this. Hence the requirement, which is rooted in best practice, not irrelevant theory.

3/ A Quality Management System is at the core of PAS2030. If you are already ISO9001 certified, then you’re probably over half-way there.

4/ If you don’t have ISO9001, then this would be an ideal time to get it. The process of creating a QMS will also have an overlap with what is required in PAS2030. Furthermore, ISO9001 forms the foundation of many other standards. Plus, I could explain how it’s almost expected of any company looking to reply to a tender, it opens up other marketing opportunities, and might even make your business run better…

5/ We can help. We prefer to start where you are as a business, rather than impose some unrealistic paper-chasing, time-sapping procedural irrelevancies on your already-stretched activities. In most cases, we find that our clients are pleasantly surprised when their misconceptions about ISO accreditations are blown away.

6/ This is a big opportunity for all kinds of energy efficiency businesses. And it’s going to happen anyway, regardless of the slow start. And the requirements to “get on-board” are probably not has hard as you might fear.

There’s much more to discuss. If you need help, give us a call on 0115 930 3772 Or via our contact page.


Written by Colin Brown of ISO Consultants


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