Google tells us that the search term ISO 27001 PDF Free Download remains very popular indeed. Folks are clearly looking for “short-cuts”…

Some time ago, we held the view that there was utterly, completely no way that ISO 27001 certification could be achieved by anything other than some good old-fashioned consultancy time from a skilled ISO Consultant. There was much that was free, useful, (and occasionally both) downloadable from cyberspace. However, this standard, because of it’s business-critical nature, wasn’t one of them.

Furthermore, the shortcomings of a “get a free template and fill it in” approach are glaringly obvious to any ISO assessor. Our senior consultant was once one of them. A failed DIY attempt is easy to spot.

We must confess, however, that we’ve had a major change of heart. Realising that businesses will be on different stages of a standards “journey”, we’re now offering a menu of solutions for a business seeking ISO 27001 certification…

Face-to-Face Consultation.

If you really do not have a clue where to start, then we’re happy to spend time on attainment of the required standard from start to finish. This addresses the age-old “is it cheaper to hire a specialist or tie up resources in climbing a steep learning curve” conundrum. We deal with understanding your real-life needs and transferring these into a workable Quality Management System (QMS). Meanwhile, you simply get on with running you business. This approach is where we started many years ago, so we know it very well. But this is only one aspect of our services, and way beyond the ISO 27001 PDF free download approach.

Remote Consultation.

If you are currently holding other standards, know the landscape of a QMS, and have the in-house resource to do some of the spadework in-house, then our remote solution may be the optimum solution. You can book on-line sessions with one of our experienced professionals to “fill in the blanks” or solve problems. Typically, smaller businesses with some relevant experience or existing standard choose this option.

DIY with Video Training.

When your business already holds ISO accreditation, hence understands the process to achieve them, then we can provide all the necessary forms, documents, and guides along with a credit for on-line web-based consultation. We will also give access to a growing library of tutorial videos specifically related to the standard. This allows clients to work through to accreditation at their own speed with their own resources. Organisations with their own quality management staff and/or an existing core of systems benefit best from this solution.

Where do you want to start? We’ve listed some of our products (and prices) here. We’ve explained a bit more here, too. We are aware from the number of searches for ISO 27001 PDF Free Download that there’s a demand for a “tool kit” approach to accreditation.

Please get in touch! , and we’ll start to explore how we can work together.

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