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Our Certification Services

An “Integrated Management System” can add significant value to your business.

“Integrated Management Systems” are a natural, common sense development of systems addressing the risks from several disciplines/ISO standards into a single system. Standards become uniform, compact, and manageable.

For instance the requirements of Quality and of Environmental systems, and their appropriate standards, can be “integrated” into a single system, simplifying the requirements and avoiding repetition.

Any ISO based management system should add value to your business, but as the need to meet more than one standard grows, integrating their requirements into a single system can add even more value by:

  • Reducing operational risk – effective methods of managing the differing risks to a business are identified, established and woven into normal daily activities.
  • Providing better management oversight – because a single “system” exists, the development of measures and controls to check it is effectively implemented is simpler.
  • Fewer, but more focussed meetings and audits are required.
  • There is less disruption, leading to more efficient business mechanics and operations.
  • More effective, but less, documentation, procedures and paperwork is required.
  • Fewer specialists or additional training are required.
  • External certification, audits and visits should become fewer, reducing disruptions to normal business.

As professional ISO Consultants, we develop management systems with integration in mind, so even if you only require a system for addressing a single ISO standard initially, future development and expansion of the system is easily achieved. We have been developing this type of system for almost ten years.

In short, we start from a clients normal day to day operations, developing and integrating systems.  Then improve these according to ISO standard best practice. And make these systematic, modular, and easy to add to.

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