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Our Certification Services

Managing your environmental risks and impacts can add significant value to your business.

We have developed a methodology for the rapid deployment of an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System, based on your existing working practices, which can lead you to full certification in as little as 6-8* weeks.

The system will help you to manage down your energy usage, waste generation and other environmental impacts, while also ensuring you understand, comply and are kept up to date with the latest environmental legislation applicable to your business avoiding expensive fines and charges.

The Environmental Impact of your business is probably costing a significant proportion of your earnings already. Managing that impact is difficult, legislation is complex and will get worse as governments rush to combat environmental degradation such as global warming.

ISO 14001 gives you an internationally agreed best practice template to help manage these risks and impacts. Independent certification against ISO 14001 shows your peers and customers that you are taking your environmental responsibilities seriously and managing your risks and exposures in a conscientious manner.

Your company’s environmental impact is going to be under increasing scrutiny from customers, councils, neighbours and governments. Survival and strong growth will require clear policies for managing these impacts, effective strategies for their deployment, systematic management, and measurement of their implementation.

You could employ an environmental expert, gain access to the appropriate legislation and legal advice, then develop the necessary controls yourself.

On the other hand you could use ISO 14001, a pre-defined system, compiled by industry experts from around the world, and which interfaces and fits snugly into any other ISO based management system which your business is already operating, such as ISO 9001 for Quality.

*Qualifying Criteria: single location, up to 30 employees, legally compliant practices are being followed. Please ask if you are not sure whether you qualify. All formal certification to ISO standards is performed by UKAS approved bodies who will invoice directly for auditing you and awarding of the ISO certificate.

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