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Our Certification Services

Gain rapid certification to ISO 27001, with a concise management system encapsulating your existing working practices, swiftly and thoroughly implemented with minimal loss of your own management time.

Certification to ISO 27001 is becoming a market requirement for many companies, especially those holding sensitive or confidential data, or providing IT and network management services which may be carrying it.

Vendors want to know that their data is safe when in your care, ISO 27001 gives them the added confidence of an independent certification of your security capability.

Information Theft - The Modern CrimeIdentity and information theft can be devastating. Bank accounts, domestic and even family information can all have value to a thief, and modern technology allows it to be transmitted around the globe before the security breach has even been noticed. Hollywood films and the media generally have communicated the need for information security so effectively that many UK national and local government contracts now mandate ISO 27001 approval or systems leading to it.
Financial institutions and larger purchasers are similarly specifying independent certification against ISO 27001 as a key requirement for those with access to their data or its transmission.

With almost twenty years experience of security management systems we were among the first to implement a BS 7799 security system, the predecessor to ISO 27001. Since then our experience and involvement with security related projects has increased and we are now able to rapidly develop an ISO 27001 compliant system, moulded around your existing ways of working but reinforced as necessary with industry best practice.

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