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Our Certification Services

If you need ISO 9001 approval for a specific deadline, or if you are concerned about the management time needed for preparing a quality system and its procedures then gaining certification our system may be what you need.

Our ISO 9001 systems are based on what you do today, but strengthened to meet internationally accepted best practice.

ISO 9001

To assist companies who want to achieve ISO 9001 but have significant time pressures, we have developed a methodology for the rapid implementation of ISO 9001 that can take as little as 6 weeks**

ISO 9001 was developed to introduce the concept of quality and process management to UK companies, and encourage them to take the importance of their customer satisfaction more seriously. The standard encouraged companies to look at the Quality Management initiatives which had helped Far Eastern industry to conquer problems of poor product and service quality and increase their competitiveness.

The standard was quickly adopted by the International Standards Committee and has been extremely successful, with millions of companies worldwide now holding approval against it.

Rapid Deployment

Our customised 6 week quality management system brings businesses up to the ISO 9001 standard quickly and concisely, even in as little as six weeks, ready for certification by a UKAS registered certification body.

How Does the Process Work?

Using modular tools and techniques developed by experienced professional practitioner Colin Brown, we establish a concise, practical Quality Management System around your existing working practices.

Because our product has been developed specifically for time-pressured businesses, we can take you from no documented systems to a fully compliant ISO 9001 Management System, ready for Internationally recognised certification, in only six weeks.

Our simple solution to your certification challenge needs less management time, avoids bureaucracy and opens the door to improved efficiencies and greater success in tendering. Contact us now for more information about how your business can gain international certification from a leading certification boy in as little as 6 weeks**.

**Qualifying Criteria: single location, up to 30 employees, legally compliant practices are being followed. Please ask if you are not sure whether you qualify. All formal certification to ISO standards is performed by UKAS approved bodies who will invoice directly for auditing you and awarding of the ISO certificate.

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