PAS 99:2012
Integrated Management System

ISO Consultant Colin says…

An update of an earlier PAS document, this version is greatly improved and could prove useful. Something which I don’t believe was ever said of the earlier version !

This is a publicly available specification which gives guidance on the development on an integrated management system, i.e. one which meets a number of different ISO management system standards.


Less conflict between systems

Having a central framework is incredibly useful for eliminating business system conflicts by way of master procedures rather than potentially duplicitous daughter systems.

Improved business focus

The framework from management systems is useful for defining roles, responsibilities and highlighting common objectives which produces a  more refined business focus.

Reduced duplication and bureaucracy

Centrally controlling all standards through the framework makes it easier to continually improve management systems. Duplication is cut out along with internal bureaucracy that very often leads to lag in the function of the business.

Essentially this a world specification designed to help you improve the overall efficiency of your organisation. It is designed to act in the capacity of a framework that can meet all standard requirements with a single set of policies and procedures.

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