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If you need help to gain ISO Approval, maintenance work on your current approvals or even certification to a new standard, ISO Consultants are here to help.  Offering everything from DIY toolkits to regular in-house, on site support. ISO Consultants are as flexible as you are.

With experience from many industry sectors, the team brings a no-nonsense, honest and practical approach to quality and standards.

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Remote ISO Consultation

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Kit (with Supporting Documents)

Risk Assessment for places of work in relation to Covid-19
The government has certain health and safety guidelines and regulations in relation to the responsibilities of employers to make premises safe for the return of employees. The measures are defined in such a way in order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus whilst allowing personnel the opportunity to carry out their duties. ISO consultants have carefully developed a set of control documentation that conforms to the known requirements, specified through the health and safety executive.

There is an option to own a copy of the documents and carry out the tasks manually, alternatively there is another option that offers assistance from an adviser in order to complete the documents and ensure your business conforms to the requirements.

Interested in supplying PPE to the NHS?

Presently PPE items are in short supply as a direct impact brought about by the coronavirus. For the UK’s front line medical staff, PPE is an essential barrier to protect them from contracting Covid 19.

In order to become a supplier or part of a supply chain for medical equipment, a company must undergo a stringent audit and approval of their manufacturing practices. The ISO developed the 13485, a meticulous and encompassing set of controls designed to protect the end user (patients) and the companies that both make and use the products.

ISO Consultants Helping Industries & Businesses

Waste Management



Fabrication & Engineering

IT Security & Software Systems 

Fire Safety Systems


Building & Construction

What does ISO Certification mean for my business?

Quite simply, you may be excluded from major business opportunities if you don’t have a specified standard. ISO certification now is expected by most procurement teams.

ISO certification adds credibility to your business in the eyes of potential customers.  Designed and applied correctly, a standard will improve business efficiency, and contribute to your “bottom line”.

What is the key to ISO success?

System, system, system! Coasting along not being truly diligent to your work is pretty much what ISO is NOT about. The path to success is systemisation, by defining a set of procedures with checks and balances (in line with ISO) you will be able to bring your ‘A’ game; you will be recognised as a solid performer with recognition for good work. ISO is not a hammer, it is a measuring device to seek out businesses who exercise diligence.

Which Standard Do You Need? 

ISO standards we offer

ISO Consultants offer professional guidance for many different standards, either working remotely or at your premises.

Presently there are DIY Kits for the more popular standards, that’s not all – there are others available that are not featured on our site. The focus for DIY kits is on the most popular standards simply because these are the ones most in demand.

ISO Consultants start “where you are” – not “where we think you are”. A successful quality management system has to fit your company’s capability, culture, and experience for it to work well and result in successful certification. 

The team provide both guidance as well as the necessary tools to make sure you succeed in gaining your certification.

Straightforward, experienced ISO Consulting 

“We’ll work with you through any certification or accreditation process. Our unique industry experience means we understand organisations from customer front-line to boardroom level. ISO Consultants brings a fresh approach to an occasionally baffling area of business. “

Colin Brown
Senior Consultant


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