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ISO is owned and operated by Independent Audit and Inspection Services Ltd.

Colin Brown from ISO ConsutlantsIndependent Audit and Inspection Services Ltd was formed by Colin Brown, in 2007 with the intention of assisting companies to operate efficient, concise management systems, hence gaining the benefits promised by ISO certification.

I have been working in Quality-related roles for most of my working life. I completed a traditional apprenticeship in a telecommunications company back in the days when an entire product was made in a single location. We rolled the threads onto screws, wound coils, painted cases and steelwork, then developed electrical and electronic equipment to fit into those cases. I understand manufacturing from the shop-floor upwards!

As electro-mechanical changed into electronic, I witnessed the development of Statistical Process Control in the factory, and as fear of cheaper foreign imports gripped my employers, I was trained in more modern Quality Management techniques. It still amazes me that the company invested in training me in techniques, but did not subsequently apply them in their business.

In the early 90’s, in a quest to learn more about the concept of management systems, I joined a National Certification Body and began completing audits of ever larger and more complicated companies. By 1999, I’d learned a lot from the Certification Body but wanted to have a go at making it work myself, so returned to industry taking up a role as a Quality Manager for a UK-based multi-national, assigned to a large defence-related contract.

I held various Quality, Health, Safety and Environment- related roles until 2007 when the opportunity to start Independent Audit and Inspection Services arose, allowing me to apply my skills and experience to benefit others

Since 2007 my company has grown steadily and I now employ a number of associates who have a similar passion for encouraging businesses to take on the best practice contained in ISO standards, and reap the benefits that follow.

Many of us have worked for Certification Bodies, so we also understand the approvals processes well, and can guide your company through the complex and sometimes bewildering worlds of Certification and Accreditation in a simple and efficient manner.

Thank you for visiting our site, and if we can help you in any way, even if its just for advice, why not drop us a line.