Testimonials – ISO Consultants

Satisfied customers are our most vaulable asset.  This is not a mere mission statement, but a vital business reality for us.

Many of our customers trust us with in-house management of their quality and standards needs.

We’ve built a long-term relationship with many of them.

Here’s what they say.

Colin was introduced to us through our certification body and led us through the ISO 9001 process is a remarkably short period of time. So when we decided that ISO 27001 was also necessary we returned to him and are very happy with the outcome. Colin’s knowledge of both the ISO 27001 standard and how the certification process works has allowed us to quickly implement a single management system which meets both standards with the minimum disruption and lost time within the business. The advice we have received has always been pragmatic, sensible and straight forward, resulting in a simple but effective system which is easy to maintain.
Hugh Smith

CEO, EIBS LTD, Nottingham - (ISO 9001, ISO 27001)

It was clear right from our initial meeting that you would be able to guide us through the accreditation process without complication and a large amount of work. We valued you ability to break down standards into simplified terms that we could understand, and actions that we could control and implement. We were reassured by your promise not to impose and extra fee if we didn’t achieve accreditation at the first attempt! With your knowledge and guidance, you gave us a fast and simple approach to certification.
Katie Smith

Effective Energy LTD, Worksop - (ISO 9001)

A supplier of ours highly recommended your services. They stressed how your company had simplified and streamlined the processes of their company.

The build and solution were made to be user-friendly, removing all unnecessary processes. Having Colin here during the assessment gave us the confidence we needed. Having these procedures in place has streamlined and secured our office activities. Everyone in the office has their own responsibilities in accordance with ISO9001. We are now discussing to start ISO14001 in the new year.

Jamie Willsdon

Energy Facilities LTD, Hoddesdon - (ISO 9001)

ISO Consultants assisted One-LUX to gain ISO 9001 and 14001 approvals. In both cases the process was completed quickly, with concise and pragmatic documentation and briefings from our consultant. As a result result we gained certification in a remarkably short time-scale. Even the complex world of environmental legislation was made simple to understand and as a result we have been able to improve our environmental impact and demonstrate through our certificate that we are environmentally responsible.
Glynnis Murray

One-Lux LTD, Aldridge, Walsall - (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)

Stoneseed operate a Multisourcing model which is founded on a ‘best of breed’ partner network; for our clients who need to quickly achieve and maintain their ISO standards, our partner of choice is Colin Brown and IAIS, based on their experience, quality of output and for a no nonsense business engagement.
Jamie Buttle

CEO, Stoneseed Limited, Nottingham - (ISO 9001, ISO 22301)

Colin is a very experienced consultant who brings a personal tailored service, very impressed.
James Freakley

Director, Churchhill Flooring LTD, Birmingham - (ISO 9001)

Colin rewrote our management system, reducing the number of documents substantially and producing a modern, concise system well matched to our business needs.
Jamie Gilbert

Director, BDS LTD, Birmingham - (ISO 9001)

Colin left us feeling confident that even though we needed certification in double quick time, it could be achieved (which it was!) Our company knew little about ISO9001, but after that first meeting, it made a lot more sense than it had before.
Louise Corbishley

Area Services LTD, Nottingham - (ISO 9001)

We received a rapid, friendly, and helpful response from first call. Colin’s experience and knowledge meant he understood our company and requirements and could assess our needs and likely costs.
Claire Sinclair

Generator Associates, Mansfield - (ISO 9001)

Your company was on a list of registered consultants with our accredited body LRQA, which was a good initial indicator. The final choice was made because of a combination of experience, personality, and flexibility to meet our requirements as we would like.

Your experience as an LRQA auditor is particularly useful as it gives us a good representation of how our surveillance visits will be performed.

Audits are conducted sensibly, using a common-sense approach to observations and non-conformances. The feedback provided highlights as well as areas for improvement rather than nit-picking at micro-flaws.

Tom Clarke

Alere LTD, Stockport - (ISO 9001)

A supplier of yours highly recommended your services. They stressed how you had simplified and streamlined the processes of their company. Your solution was user-friendly, removing all unnecessary processes, and your presence during the assessment gave us the confidence we needed. Everyone in the office now has their own responsibilities in accordance with ISO 9001. We are now in discussion to start ISO 14001”
Sarah Howe

Energy Facilities, Hoddesdon - (ISO 9001)

Does your company need a current ISO?

We offer three flexible routes to successful certification, pre-audit work for existing standard holders,  or any other ISO standards-related work. We are as flexible and pro-active as you need us to be.

Face to Face Consultation

We make your company ready for approval success by working alongside you in-house. The stringent ISO policies and procedures are carefully applied to the daily realities of your business, and a bespoke system is created. It’s our classic consulting model.

Remote Consultation 

With rapid access to a dedicated consultant as required, this option is ideal for those who feel confident of doing some of the neccessary basics, but like to have skilled help available via remote access.

DIY with Training

For those Inspired and confident to work with documents supported by tutorials. A low-cost but effective option for those with previous experience in systems and standards.

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