Case Studies
Adding ISO standards to an existing system

You have an ISO certificate. Now you need approval to a newer standard

At one time getting an ISO 9000 Certificate made you stand out from the crowd and satisfied most customers. But business has moved on, legislation and customer’s demands have changed and now multiple approvals are often necessary – but they can be expensive.

ISO standards overlap, so if you need to gain approval against a new standard you need to make sure that the design of the system takes advantage of that overlap, and that the new system doesn’t repeat those elements already covered in the original system. Certification bodies also need to be “managed” to make sure that the cost benefits of dual approvals are maximised.

We have managed and designed many Integrated and Dual Approval Systems, including coordinating with the certification bodies to ensure you get the best overall deal. The companies below have benefitted from using us to bring their systems together, so why not contact us and see how we can help you. These companies did, and already have their multiple approvals in place.


ISO 27001 – Information Security Management

Worktribe create and support software, described as “Agile, modern management tools for Universities” They had contemplated ISO 27001 approval for a number of years. “We were broadly compliant, but had an increasing number of customers and potential customers asking us about it” said Director Matt Eris.

Many companies attempt to gain certification via use of downloaded templates, and ISO Consultants often come to their rescue when things go wrong.

In the case of Worktribe, they knew enough about the requirements of ISO 27001 to avoid an abortive do-it-yourself attempt. It was time to engage a consultant who would be able to steer them through the copious documents associated with Information Security Management System (ISMS) that forms the core of ISO 27001.

Due to the innovative “”virtual office” approach to work place environment at Worktribe, some modification of certain aspects of the ISMS was required, ISO27001 being primarily designed around the classic “head office and branch office” situation. Colin Brown of ISO Consultants was able to adapt the system specifically for Worktribe’s distinct requirements.

“Colin made it all go very smoothly” said Matt, “so much so that I often thought we’d missed something. In fact, the actual auditor’s visit was quite uneventful!”

Worktribe already had a number of good practices in place regarding IT security. What ISO 27001 achieved for them was a structure, procedures, improved records, and a formal recognition of these as part of an internationally-recognised standard.

“ISO 27001 approval was certainly a milestone in our company’s development” said Matt.

Attenborough Doors Ltd

ISO 9001, Quality Management

Attenborough Doors Ltd manufacture, install and maintain industrial doors of various types. They have held ISO 9001 certification for some years but wished to reduce the cost of certification, update their internal documentation and transition to ISO 9001, 2015

They asked us to work with them on the project, and we built and implemented a concise and up to date management system meeting ISO 9001, 2015 and reduced the cost of certification by changing the certification body to a more cost effective supplier.

Witham Oil and Paint Ltd

ISO 9001, 2015 transition

Witham are a manufacturer and supplier of specialist oils and paints with a well established brand name in this market. They approached us to assist them with the transition from ISO 9001 2008 to the more business focussed 2015 version. We have subsequently begun implementation of an ISO 14001, 2015 Environmental Management System.

Witham Oil and paint Ltd are certified by BSi Ltd.

Does your company need a current ISO Standard?

We offer three routes for businesses wanting to renew their certification or accreditation. The same routes are open to new businesses who would like to implement changes and policies, making them ready for inspection.

Face to Face Consultation

We work at your premises, guiding you through the implementation of policies and controls that make your company ready for inspection.

Remote Consultation 

This option is ideal for those who can handle some of the basic preparation themselves but want access to a trained consultant

DIY with Training

Inspired and confident enough to work through carefully-written documents supported by tutorials? Our DIY ISO solutions can offer a low cost means of becoming ready for your ISO audit.

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