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Early in 2024, now only a few months away, you won’t be able to have your information security system certified to ISO 27001, 2013. Early in 2025, if you have a certification to ISO 27001, 2013 you’ll have to update your systems to the new 2022 version.

So how are you going to get that done? Do you have the people with the knowledge and experience to do that work? Are you going to have to spend hard earned cash on expensive training courses so they know how to do it?

Or will those nice, expensive, auditing guys from your certification body do it?

So do you want to know the easiest, and possibly cheapest way of getting it done, and retaining that all important certification to ISO 27001 which your customers insist upon?

The answer, quite simply, is get in touch with us.

Why choose ISO Consultants?


We have been involved in helping people to get their Information Security Systems certified since the early 2000’s, before the ISO 27001 standard was published.

We have experience of modern IT systems and keep in touch with technological developments.

We have helped dozens of company’s implement systems and gain certification to ISO 27001.

We employ ONLY qualified and experience ISO Lead Auditors, and keep them up to date by investing heavily in training.

We are a family business with experience of ISO certification which reaches back to the 80’s.


We aren’t expensive IT consultants

We don’t have expensive offices and high overheads.

Per day, we probably charge half that of your certification auditors.

We do the job, get you certified, then stop charging you. There are no ongoing costs unless you want there to be.


You book us, and we will come, there’s more than one of us, so even sickness and holidays won’t stop us giving you the support you need.

We will manage your certification body if you wish, and help getting their costs as low as possible.

“ISO 27001 Certification” is a product, bought and sold like any other product, but do you have the knowledge and experience to get the right price? We do, we’ve been at it a long time. We’ve worked for certification organisations and understand the rules.


We don’t have a “corporate structure” and unbendable rules.

We are small and flexible, we can give you half a day’s help and advice on site, or over Teams, Zoom etc, or we can (and have) implement an entire system over a number of sites over a period of months.

If you need help gaining, maintaining or transitioning an Information Security System to ISO 27001 get in touch, and we’ll help, without breaking your bank!

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