Covid-19 Risk Assessment Kit

During the period of transistion from full lockdown through a phased return to business and commerce activities, companies will be closely monitoring the government information regarding social distancing requirements within the workplace including customer service areas where applicable.

Feedback from within the business sector has indicated the requirement for a more concise and comprehensive information set.

What comes in the Comprehensive COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Supporting Documents Kit?

We have put together the attached kit in line with the governments latest guidelines for reducing the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace.

As part of the most recent information roll out the government has stated that all businesses should have a risk assessment available for employees, visitors and affected parties, and should publish externally a statement confirming they have completed the assessment and comply with COVID-19 risk reduction guidance.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Supporting Documents Kit

  • “How to use this pack” guidance document
  • Generic Risk Assessment, customisable to reflect your business
  • COVID-19 Instruction for staff
  • Steps we have taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19
  • Return to Work Letter and Questionnaire
  • Staying Safe External Notice
  • Government Guidance

COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Supporting Documents

We offer two choices with the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Kit. You can do it yourself or if you need help, let one of our trusted consultants help you out via phone or video.

Covid 19 Risk Assessment and Supporting Documents


Document Pack, you complete.

Covid 19 Risk Assessment and Supporting Documents – With help from our trusted consultants


Procure the pack and arrange for us to complete it remotely via phone or video call and we’ll refund the cost of the documents.

On site completion of the document by us – price on application and dependent on location

Need Options?

We offer either direct face to face consultation or as an alternative (reduced budget) remote web based consultation.

Face to Face Consultation

Working at your business premises along side you, we will guide you through the implementation of policies and controls that will ultimately make your company ready for inspection.

Remote Consultation 

This option is provided to assist business owners / project managers who feel capable of doing some of the heavy lifting and yet would prefer to retain the watchful eye of a trained consultant.
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