Rapid Certification Through an ISO 27001 Template PDF Download

Mar 7, 2017 | ISO PDF Template Download

According to Google, searches for an ISO 27001 Template PDF Download are frequent.  Yet the “ISO Free PDF Downloads” we’ve seen are often incomplete and/or overly complex. Sadly, lots of the right words won’t impress an auditor.  Our senior consultant was once one. Therefore, he can spot a “cheap quick fix” fast.  But does this mean the “template approach” has no value?

Recently, we’ve worked with some Far Eastern clients . Their budgets have not stretched to cover the cost of a visit. What could we do?

Document Tool Kits!

Firstly we found out their current position. Then we designed their own ISO standards tool kit. Specific PDF downloadable templates were created. Then“branded” for them and released.

Did this solution work?

Yes, as there was a suitable existing core of systems. A smart approach from the client allowed highly-effective use of the PDF templates.

What Standards Do You Cover?

Based on a number of successful cases, we’ve now created a summary of downloadable ISO standards PDFs. Contact us for more details.

Some FAQ:-

What can be changed in a document? Anything! The document can be truly “branded” for your company. Your type of organisation, physical location(s), company culture, infrastructure, etc. can all be embedded.

Will fit my requirements? These systems come from our experience in actual working environments.  A former lead auditor with 25 years experience in the quality and standards industry, designed the documents.

What support comes with the documents?   The cost includes access to the author, via email and Skype. He worked as lead assessor. Therefore he knows what is needed for successful certification. We’re offering help necessary to gain a positive result for you. We’re not just selling some documents!

How to achieve certification? The appropriate national Registered Certification Body (RCB) will conduct a two-stage audit.  This ensures that you satisfy the requirements of the standard. They will also provide costs of relevant certification. We have designed the documents with the specific aim of successful certification. They avoid irrelevant content typical of the “ISO PDF free download” approach.

What happens after certification? The RCB carries out an annual surveillance visit.

Rapid, Effective Certification.

The advantage of our system is twofold:-  clients using our PDF templates benefit from experienced consulting and system design. Yet make significant time and cost savings.

The Next Stage

Would the ISO 27001 Template PDF Download approach work for you? Please take a look at our shop page and/or get in touch with us!


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