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What Does “ISO 45001 Certified” Mean?

You may already have occupational health and safety (“OHSAS”) measures in place. Furthermore, you may even hold the former standard “OHSAS 18001”. However, you may be conscious that your enterprise needs to structure, monitor, and review its occupational health and safety activities. The process of certification to ISO 45001 will dismantle, analyse and rebuild your existing system, and create a replacement to an internationally-recognised standard (the “I” in ISO)

Health and Safety Matters Matter

Litigation against employers concerning health and safety is increasing. The challenge of “ compensation culture” won’t reduce. Fee-chasing lawyers will actively pursue directors, whether a case is based on truth, or not. Therefore, ignoring health and safety is shows negligence towards both employees and employers. A sound health and safety management system needs to be woven into the culture and procedures of an enterprise. Investment in ISO 45001 should achieve this. Furthermore, it is cheaper than a court fine for negligence.
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An Essential Advantage in Winning Tender Bids

ISO 45001 certification is frequently mandatory in tender documents. Quite simply, you are likely to be excluded from any pre-tendering assessment process if you do not hold it. Furthermore,If your company intends to work as a sub-contractor on a tendered contract, you will need ISO 45001 if this is specified in the tender Similarly, if you hire subcontractors, you must demonstrate audited procedures to assess and control those working on your behalf. This is an often-overlooked part of “What Does “ISO 45001 Certified” Mean?”

Marketing and Differentiation

ISO 45001 will immediately mark your company as responsible and trustworthy. You are of a sufficient ethical standard as to take their health and safety obligations seriously. ISO 45001 will say more about your company and it’s approach to business than glossy brochures and slick sales people. Ironically, investment in ISO 45001 will probably cost a fraction of a marketing budget. Furthermore, it will act as as a “distinctive” to your potential customers long after a full-page advert in a trade magazine has gone for recycling

You Have ISO 9001 or 14001? Good!

If you have existing ISO standards, then there’s some good news – there significant common structure between the latest revisions of ISO standards. Although it’s not an “instant add-on”, all current ISO revisions share their DNA through “Annex SL”. Therefore, you won’t be tediously (and expensively) having to create a management system from nothing.

You Plan To Have ISO 9001/14001? Even Better!

Following logically from the above, once the systems of ISO 45001 are in place, they form a solid management “framework” by which other standards can be quickly created.

What Does ISO 45001 Certified Mean? Not Necessarily Hard Work

Many enterprises will have existing in-house health and safety policy, procedures and officer. Therefore, these can be used as components of an ISO 45001 management system. Many companies are far closer to rapid and successful certification than they might suspect.

How Can we Help?

Companies can do as much or as little of the certification preparation as they wish. By popular demand, We are creating a series of DIY “tool kits” to allow customers to save on consultant time. Read more here.

What Does ISO 45001 Certified Mean? Well, hopefully you now have an idea. Meanwhile, there’s much more to tell. Please be in touch.

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