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These standards are supposed to ensure that aerospace products are of a consistently higher standard than similar products in different industries.
Whether they are successful is of course open to debate, but the record keeping and documentary requirements of these standards are significant, and probably one of the reasons why companies tend to avoid certification if they possibly can.

ISO AS 9100 AS 9120 

There are a number of documents like AS 9100 AS 9120 in the AS 91XX series and which combine to form the requirements for a Quality Management System for those involved in the aerospace industry.
The basic requirements are similar to ISO 9001, but require much greater levels of bureaucracy and documentation.

In the US alone the standards have been endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration, the US Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

ISO 9001 Aviation


If you want to supply the aviation industry, you are almost certainly going to need AS9100.
AS9100 covers component manufacturing for space applications


The second wing of the aerospace sector, manufactured components have to be entirely capable of functioning in extreme conditions.
AS9100 standards for defence


Defense technology, systems and products are at the forefront of aerospace development, AS9100 is an absolute requirement for all businesses involved.
In 2016 the AS9100 was revised from version C to version D. The revision includes the full text of ISO 9001:2015, there were also several other changes added relating to counterfeit part prevention, product safety, risk clause alongside human factors relating to nonconformity management and subsequent corrective action.

We currently offer the following routes in pursuing this set of ISO Standards

There are 3 options we offer to help you prepare for business auditing and inspection by examiners who award AS9100 certification.

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